Avoid Angries Until You/They Die

I was perusing a political forum recently and saw a comment from a Native American that suggests for "All white people to go back to Europe," clearly a mirroring of whitey suggesting that all black people go back to Africa. I was glad to see people point out the ridiculousness of the statement (joke or not), as shown by my favorite response:
"Africa should go back to Pangea."

Likewise, should the southwestern U.S. be reclaimed by Mexico? Should parts of the U.S. go to France, Spain, Britain, etc? Or to Native Americans? Maybe we should give the land back to the animals.

I support people who fight for what they are passionate about, basically people who give a shit about something. Although, in this case, I see a difference between passion and anger. People and places evolve. The same as how Africa cannot go back to Pangea, whites/blacks/etc cannot go back to their homelands because neither those places nor the people involved truly exist.

I see it in similar terms (but in the opposite direction) of an economic great that once said, "We're all dead in the long-run." Angry people die, and then new people that are angry about new things take their places. Avoid the angries until you/they die.