Spreads Lame? Yes.

In the simplest way I can put it: 'Spread Betting' is a sad excuse for actual betting. While betting on a spread is gambling, you must admit that it's pretty lame.

Spread betting is:

1) Betting if the analyst, who formulated the spread, is correct in their calculation. Therefore, you're more or less betting on Sports Center analysts who yell like toddlers over highlight reels for a living, when in actuality they are 40+.

2) Betting that one would win even if their team loses. This gives a quantifiable value to one's team by which they could lose, yet still come out victorious. ("Your team is 13 points better than mine, but definitely NOT 14." Rather than, "Bet my team will beat yours.")

Handicap? Yes. Lame? Yes.



Here's my blog.

Friends recommended that I start one. I initially responded, "Heck, why didn't I think of that?!" At the point of actually creating it I did a complete 180: "If my friends want to know what I think, I'd rather talk to them about it directly rather than through a blog." Even the name 'blog' is stupid.

BLOG. Shouldn't it be 'elog?' It doesn't roll off the tongue as well but at least it's accurate. I Wikied 'blog' just to check; it stands for 'web log.' LAME... we'll stick with elog. (I think I like it because the word is my favorite toy jumbled around a bit - Lego. Well, it'd have to be Legos. Playing with one lego would be lame. About as lame as the word 'blog.')

Finally, I thought, "What the hell, you know?" So here is my elog. Ta-da!

I could just delete it though...