Oh yea. We the MAN!


Son of a _ !!!

Oh boy...
Antares is the 15th brightest star in the (our) sky. It's more than 1,000 light-years away.
- There definitely are aliens somewhere
- Not so sure about "the heavens" or any gods
- Our sun probably orbits something larger
- Paris Hilton, Hanna Montana, Anna Nicole, McFluffer Bitch-tits are all REAL important
- I'm so over the Earth


Say Peace toYour Piece

Buying a "conversation piece" translates that you are buying something not typically bought, other than to make you appear more interesting by filling awkward voids in conversation by way of a unique possession.

Why not buy something because you like it's function or style? Would you not have more to (genuinely) talk about with an item you had chosen for specific reasons rather than an item you know little to nothing about, other than it being labeled a "conversation piece?"

Buying based on your function/style gives 365 days per year of your wants/needs. Buying conversation pieces is buying for your guests, realizing the piece's value but a fraction of the time, assuming they even like what you have purchased.

Transition from "conversation piece" to "conversation peace" by cutting out the crap, posers.