Test 2: Let's Get Rolling

Does the
ShredMaster shred wood?
Subject: A child's balsa wood glider

Result: Good tinder, bitch! Again, I had to flatten the plane so that it would feed smoothly.

Notes: There was a loud bang when the metal tip went through, but it's all good.

Test 1: The Control

Does the
ShredMaster shred paper?
Subject: Sunday newspaper coupons and store ads

Result: Shredded. The entire stack would not shred all at once. It had to be fed through in 2 parts.

Notes: The allowed width is much smaller than I had originally thought. This is going to require me to break things in to more manageable pieces.


Will it Sh... ssssshit it's a BOMB!

The 'Will it Shred?' grab bag I received from Slim had several pros:
  1. It looked like a bomb and made our admin curious about who was trying to "off" me
  2. It had lots of duct tape
  3. Luckily, she didn't question the attention line of: 'Will it Shred?'
  4. It was addressed with a post-it note
  5. It caused me to lie: My boss asked, "What's in that thing? It looks really weird!" Me, "Um, I'm not sure; I haven't opened it yet... Yes, you're right it does look weird"
Good work, Slim. Way to stir up a pot of paranoia among lame suburban life. Better yet, with something we wouldn't ever think out of the ordinary. Another victory!

Will it Shred?

I’ve recently received a promotion at work which has meant me moving desks.
Con: My boss sits to my left side (easy delegation access)
Pro: To my right side, there is an industrial paper shredder (easy experiment access)

In an attempt to steer this blog back to it's original intention (fun and learning), each week, with the help of your items and ideas, I will shred things. The only guidelines (not rules) that I have are 1) an item must be ¼” or less to be considered a shredable candidate; 2) items such as metal bars, which have no chance in hell of actually shredding, may be foregone for sake of future shred attempts (and my new job).

GBC ShredMaster 1236s - attached to illustrate age of machine and provide my engineer readers with a schematic that will aid in the fix of the machine once it breaks.

I will post a before and after picture. Stay tuned.