Pun Intended

Why is it that the majority of the time when people say, "...no pun intended" it typically is intended. I've found that most of the time when it's spoken, there is ample time to change what you are thinking/saying in order to avoid said "ill-intention." By default, unfortunately, it typically makes whatever was being said funnier. In actuality, it should make something less funny... since it was "unintended."

The other day I went in to my Alderman's (Alderperson's?) office to get a parking permit. They had a small, informative posting on their wall containing "no pun intended." That phrase was the first thing my eyes focused on, as they rolled. Since the [Gay] Pride Parade was coming up, which is partially contained within the 32nd ward, they posted the parade route.

An excerpt from the posting: "...it will then head East, then continue straight (no pun intended) to..." On top of being tacky and childishly idiotic, it was a lie. If one took the time to type this, and thus have the ability to change it, how was there no pun intended? Someone took the time to think of, type out, chuckle under their breath at seeing their dumb-ass "joke" in print, print it, and then hang it on the wall. Tell me where throughout that process, was that lame comment unintentional?

1- get some class
2- you're a dumb-shit (pun INTENDED)


What do You Outsource?

Since I'm big on efficiency and the laze faire ideology of economics, outsourcing has always interested me. It became more than just a buzz word, when a rumor circulated that my job may get outsourced. I've since accepted a new job, yet the the rumor (...for now) still runs rampid.

Despite all of this, I still hold true to letting 'the invisible hand' guide. For reason of exemplifying why outsourcing is good, I've taken a vow to move towards outsourcing as little as possible in my personal life. How can one outsource their life? There are MANY things that you do everyday, which cause you to outsource your life, and you don't even realize it. Maybe I should first define "outsourcing your life." It's simply, paying other people to do for you what you could do for yourself.

Much like a company that chooses to not do things in-house, what does one pay people to on a daily basis, as opposed to how one can do this themself?

- go out to a restaurant/prepare dinner yourself
- swing through a car wash/use some elbow grease
- buy a CD/learn to play an instrument
- purchase transportation (gas; train)/ move yourself (bike)
- go to the grocery store/plant a garden; bake; hunt
- visit a cleaners or tailor/mend your own clothes
- buy beer/home brew
- see a movie/perform a play with friends
- buy matches or lighter/rub together sticks
- purchase electricity/generate your own

While most of it an extreme, the above is to give an idea of how much we outsource. In your current situation, would it be realistic to do all or even the majority of the above? Probably not.

These specialized skill sets are why people have different jobs. It's what they specialize in and are more efficient than most in doing such. Thus, saving us time and money. Just like company outsourcing, send work to those who are good at it and who can do it cheaper than you could on your own. It's simply more efficient in relation to time and money.