Test 4: The Fate of My Mascot

Does the ShredMaster shred pipe cleaners?
Subject: A hand-made, pipe cleaner Rooster figurine (courtesy of EMJ)

Result: Chicken Soup for the soul. Very little noise, not even a squawk.

Notes: Similar to cotton, the pipe cleaners melded with the cutting grooves. A few passes later and we were only left with feathers. Elisabeth, thank you and sorry all at the same time. Though, I think you'll agree that this is how it had to be.

Test 3: Outside of the Norm

Does the ShredMaster shred cotton?
Subject: A 'Volunteer' cotton t-shirt from Boilerman (back when nothing ran smoothly, it cost $25 and everyone had fun)

Result: Borderline Dri-Fit technical tee. The shredder doesn't cut non-rigid items well.

Notes: The woven cotton melded with the cutting grooves. The first pass only made lines (not cuts) on the t-shirt. So I fed it through a few more times. I would've liked the result to be total annihilation, although on the last pass it got stuck, and I had to use the Reverse button to free it.