Infinity Meeting

OBSERVATION: Despite using net meetings weekly, I always find them awesome. Wow, welcome to the '90s! I find infinity mirrors equally badass. I wish I had an infinity mirror at the office.

QUESTION: Can I duplicate the concept of the continuous loop of an infinity mirror at the office using net meeting?

HYPOTHESIS: I can create infinity with my computer by means of a net meeting (or 2). I can infuse two things that are badass.

METHOD: The idea is similar to an 'infinity mirror' where you place 2 (or more) mirrors to reflect one another to get infinite reflections. Likewise, I assumed the same effect would take place if I could share my screen to my coworker, and he could share his screen with me at the same time. This would essentially result in him sharing my screen with me, which should create an infinite loop. I figure that this will take some craftiness since only 1 net meeting application can run at a time.

RESULT: MSFT Communicator allowed us to both share our screens simultaneously. Net meeting went back and forth showing my screen through his net meeting of me, over and over. After 15 seconds of repeating screens we decided to close out before we blew up Gore's internet. I'm not sure if this actually creates exponential data sharing or not. Nevertheless, I'd like to let this run on a Friday afternoon and then go home for the weekend quit my job forever.

CONCLUSION: 2 things that are badass were infused. I'm certain that you could get more than 2 people in on a continuous loop.

FOLLOW UP: The only problem I've always had with infinity mirrors is that the viewer is blocking infinity. The fix is to face 2 mirrors in opposite directions (1 being a 2-way mirror) and stand behind the 2-way mirror so that you can look in without being in the way. If nothing is in between the mirrors, what does it look like? What does infinity look like? Would it make a black hole? Would it make a time machine? Would I go blind? FLUX-CAPACITOR!!!