Married to my Work

In preparation of getting married, I recently read an online article entitled "Why Nagging Doesn't Work." This photo is the main kitchenette (female kitchen?) in my office. Note the 7 nagging signs posted by the admin(s).

  • 3 signs confirm that "We do NOT have a maid service"
  • 3 instances of "Thank you" or "Please" followed by 2+ exclamation marks
  • 3 signs stating "YOU" as the root problem
  • 2 ultimatums
  • 1 frowny face
  • 1 passive-aggressive Dilbert comic
Per the article, all of the above bullet points are in violation of being a nag. This style of communication clearly isn't working.

In true marriage style, I will not submit to this one-sided barrage. Rather, I will slowly but surely stir the pot of crazy. I plan to hang 1 additional nagging sign (not a retort, but in step with these) each week until something of significance occurs (i.e. a meltdown). Please submit your ideas.


rePete said...

Put this next to the one above the sink.

rePete said...

There is a perfect spot next to the paper towel holder for this.


Rossco said...

I want some that blend in enough to not be noticed but that eventually make it look like the admins have lost it.